Together we all face challenges in rising commercial auto insurance rates. Azuga is here to help.

What is Azuga?

From GPS Fleet management software to Driver safety training programs and DashCams, Azuga can help make your fleet safer and save your company money.

Our members get great discount on all Azuga services and products!

Safety and accidents are a major cost for your business, your reputation and your employees.

1. Get visibility into unsafe driving activity
Improve safety through alerts and quickly investigate risky driving evidence to prevent accidents.
2. Identify and coach high-risk drivers
Identify at-risk drivers and personalize training and rewards based on individual driving behavior data.
3. A Comprehensive Fleet Telematics Solution
Combining video with GPS fleet telematics in an easy to use interface – Save money while knowing what your drivers are doing.
Fleet Operations

• Real-time Logistics & Operation Management
• Fleet Performance Dashboard
• Fuel Usage and Management
• Vehicle and Event History/Playback
• Trip and Event Tagging
• State Mileage Reports for IFTA Reporting
• Geofencing and Truck Tracker for Customer ETA

Powerful Reporting

• Fuel and Vehicle Usage
• Activity and Alert Summaries
• Idling and Detailed Trip Data
• Driver Scores and Detailed Events
• Full Library of Pre-build Reports
• Automated Report Delivery
• Custom Reports on Demand

Driver Behavior

• Driver Behavior Score (portal, mobile app)
• Driver Event Scores( braking, posted speed limits, speeding acceleration, cornering, etc.)
• Speeding Over Posted Speed Limit Alerts
• Real-time Driver Event and Vehicle Alerts
• Seatbelt Compliance and Excessive Idling
• In-cab Risky Driving Audible Alerts

Customer Support

• On-boarding and Account Configuration
• Anytime Training
• 24/7 Support
• Dedicated Customer Success Manager
• Quarterly Performance Review and Recommendations
• Customer APIs and Data Analytics

Powerful Add-ons

• Fuel Card Integration
• Nearest / Cheapest Fuel
• Cell Blocker and Distracted Usage Alerts
• Duel Facing and Auxiliary Cameras
• Driver ID
• ELD, Field Service Management
• Asset Tracking, Routing, Security and MVR Monitoring

Fleet Health

• Engine Diagnostic Alerts and DTCs
• Vehicle Service Entries
• Maintenance History
• Preventive Maintenance with Alerts

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