Discounted Driving Records

Our members get access to dicounted driving records through iiX

What We're All About

365 Workplace Safety is constantly working with vendors to achieve discounted services that help its members provide a safer place to work. One such vendor is iiX, a company that offers employers of all sizes driver and screening solutions to help evaluate risk and reduce liability. Access to driver and screening reports is easy with their unique ExpressNet internet platform.

Why should you check driving records?

Checking the driving records of drivers that operate company owned vehicles and employees that operate personal cars on company business is a good business practice for numerous reasons: 

  1. Employees with good driving records tend to follow company rules and procedures.
  2. If an employee has an automobile accident while on company business the employer may be liable through the doctrine of vicarious liability. If the same employee is found to have a bad driving record and the company did not know about it, they are often accused of negligent entrustment. If the jury believes this to be true, the jury may be allowed to add additional damages to the claim.

Save more on Driving Records

Working with iiX, 365 Workplace Safety members can save $15.00 on the one-time setup fee and obtain a discount of approximately 45% on the processing fee of each driving record in Texas. (iiX can also obtain out-of-state records but the fees vary by state.) 

Already using iiX? No problem, although you have already paid their set up fee you may still be able to take advantage of the 45% discount on fees for each record. You can learn more about iiX at their website:

  • You can contact them directly but be certain to tell them you are a member of 365 Workplace Safety and give them your member ID to qualify for our discount, or
  • To contact iiX and request more information about these discounts, please click here.
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