Distracted Driving Prevention

What Is

LifeSaver Mobile changes your company’s culture of distracted driving by automatically detecting drives and blocking cell phone use without additional hardware. Prevent fleet distracted driving & protect drivers with our fleet distracted driving technology

How to Start Using LifeSaver

How to start using LifeSaver

To get started visit this website here and enter your information. A member of their staff will contact you in less than 24 hours. This is a discounted service for our Members. 

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Why is LifeSaver important
to us?

"We've seen a 50% drop in annual fleet insurance claims after we started using LifeSaver"

Industries with employees who spend their workday behind the wheel are especially vulnerable to the growing epidemic of distracted driving. It’s too easy to let focus wander away from the road with responsibilities of work and home pinging on mobile devices.

The LifeSaver app can help keep your employees, and other travelers, safe. How do we know? Because many UFG employees already use LifeSaver on company phones and we believe in it.

What is LifeSaver?

LifeSaver is a mobile app that captures telematics data - including attempted phone usage while driving- and scores drivers based on levels of distracted driving behavior. This information can help companies make any adjustments in training or education needed to foster the safest fleet.

Why should your company consider LifeSaver?

LifeSaver not only helps to protect employees and other motorists by preventing cell phone use behind the wheel, it can also save your business money by reducing costs from collision repairs, injuries, and possible litigation, thereby reducing the cost of insurance renewal premiums.

How does the app work?

LifeSaver knows when a vehicle is in motion and produces a visual block or a reminder when a driver attempts to use their phone at that dangerous time. The app logs access attempts as well. This information is stored in a portal, which business owners can access and use to educate employees as needed and encourages safer driving habits.

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