Build employee handbooks, job descriptions, consult attorney’s on any workplace question that arises, and more.

What is ThinkHR?

ThinkHR is a comprehensive solution that brings together content, technology and live advisors to help you manage and mitigate the HR and compliance risks that exist in your organization.

A one-stop solution powered by data, technology, and really smart people.

We’ve got your back. Like your very own HR and compliance watchdog, ThinkHR constantly tracks employment regulations at both the federal and state level. Should something change that impacts your business, we’ll send a proactive alert and tell you exactly what you need to do to stay ahead of the compliance curve.


It’s no secret: HR and compliance is complex. Big companies can afford in-house lawyers and a full-service HR department to monitor and respond to changing rules. The other 99% of businesses can’t—that’s where ThinkHR comes in. We combine cutting-edge technology with data and trusted human expertise to help small businesses solve HR and compliance challenges as easily as a big company can.

Every growing business’ journey is different, filled with its own twists and turns. ThinkHR is with you every step of the way, providing expert advice and customized support so that you’re always ready for whatever lies ahead. Which explains why more small businesses trust ThinkHR with their HR and compliance needs than any other company.  

Benefits Documents

Document builder for ERISA-mandated WRAP, POP and SPDs.


Manage employee training through the comprehensive learning management system.

Workplace Safety

Employee training and incident documentation tool for reporting.

Tell Us

Empower employees to anonymously report workplace issues and help leaders to track, respond and take action.

Live Advisors

HR certified advisors specialized in straight-forward and complex HR topics.

Living Handbook

Build federal- and state-level compliance handbooks that can be easily updated to reflect changing legislation.

Workplace Harrassment

Prevention: Policies and employee training courses


Resource library for HR and risk management featuring content, current regulations and interactive tools.

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